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Minsk is the city of hidden attractions

Minsk is one of those cities you should see in the presence of a professional guide or, at least, armed with a travel guide. One of the greenest cities in Europe. The so-called water-green diameter crosses the capital from North-West to South-East and this is more than 20 kilometres with a total planted area of 3,000 hectares.

National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve Niasvizh

Several centuries ago, while mentioning Minsk people recalled: “It’s somewhere close to Niasvizh”, because in the heyday of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Niasvizh was considered one of the richest cities in the territory of modern Belarus. As they say now, it belonged to the oligarch family of the Radziwills. Nesvizh castle is probably the only building in Belarus, where ancient underground passages were found.

Mir Castle Complex

Mir castle - a masterpiece of Belarusian architecture - is located in the Mir village of Korelichi district, Grodno region. This unique monument, a UNESCO World Heritage site, had been being built and rebuilt over several centuries (XV - XVII centuries) by the Belarusian magnates of the Ilyiniches. The castle is a square building with protruding at the corners formidable towers of 25 m high.

Memorial complex Brest Fortress

It is a unique fortification structure and the most important monument of World War II. The heroic story of the Bastion began on June 22, 1941, when the Brest fortress took the first attack of Hitler’s troops. Despite the significant preponderance of enemy forces and heavy losses, the fortress garrison managed to consolidate and hold the positions over long period, repulsing fierce attacks of the fascists.

National Park Belovezhskaya Pushcha

This surviving remnant of the ancient forest. From time immemorial high dignitaries – Kiev and Lithuanian Princes, Polish Kings, Russian Tsars, General Secretaries of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the heads of state were hunting in the Pushcha. Pushcha preservation was facilitated by the fact that here dwelt the auroch

Marc Chagall Art Centre

The art centre of the most famous Belarusian artist was established in 1992. The centre constantly holds exhibitions of Marc Chagall’s graphic works (lithographs, woodcuts, etchings, aquatints). The Museum collection features a series of illustrations for the Nikolai Gogol’s poem “Dead souls” (1923 - 1925), the series of colour lithographs on the Bible theme, created in 1956 and 1960, the cycle of colour lithographs “12 tribes of Israel” (1960) and other works by Marc Chagall.

House Museum of First Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party

One of the first museums of Minsk, opened by the Communists to perpetuate the place where it all began. The Museum presents the history of the first Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, which was illegally held in Minsk in March 1898. The Congress adopted the documents of historical importance, that have received the approval of Lenin and marked the beginning of the Bolshevik movement, which led to the overthrow of the Russian Tsar and the revolution of 1917.