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If you are interested in culture and art, then you definitely need to visit these places.  The unique artistic culture of Belarus was formed over the centuries. There were original architectural and art schools; unique musical and literary works were created. The country hosts many art exhibitions, music, theater and film festivals, interesting and accessible both for Belarusians and guests of the country

History, Culture, Architecture

In Belarus, there are beautiful monuments of architecture and history, which are a value for all mankind. Fourunique objects of Belarus are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Tour name: Art Amateurs Duration: 4 days Start: National Airport Minsk or Railway Statio..
Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours When:  Nightly, starting between 7:30..
Tour name TransitDuration 3 daysStart: Belarus-Poland border (Brest)The program includes:A..
The name of the tour: History and Culture AmateursDuration 4 daysBeginning of the tour - N..
Tour name: To the Talent origination of the Greatest ArtistsDuration: 4 daysStart: Nationa..
Tour name: Zorka Jewellery FactoryDuration: 3 hoursBeginning of the tour: HotelPersona..
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